Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shoes , coal, coats and food packets more winter preparations

Last night we had the girls over for supper .  they were so pleased that I had made Monti .. a traditional meal that everyone loves here .  

the monties are like meat filled pasta that is cooked in the big steamer 

we also had a pot of Chinese soup

they had a great time 
   Today we had a lot of running around to do .. One of the stops was to meet up with my coal man and pay him for the coal for the seniors home and give him directions .  we actually had to get in the back of the car with the tinted windows to make the drop . 

The next stop was to the mens home to deliver the first 50 pairs of shoes .  

Larissa was inspecting the quality 

They passed.. they are fur lined , waterproof, and have a felt insulated bottom 

this is what they were Waring ..  The first man to get a new pair 

they fit him great 

what a great blessing today was .. a greater blessing came when we told them that there is another 200 pair coming next week 

excited men waiting their turn for their shoes 

Next up , we have some more coats to deliver as well as some more food hampers .. 

I was just called, and we have a couple more places that are looking for help with coal, both of them would like to have coal so they can give help to those in their community .. we are looking for 8 tones to cover this we need another $680 this batch I will wait and purchase as money comes in .. we can do 4 tons at a time 

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