Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Julie and I are back in Canada now .. lots of sitting and thinking, apart from the RUN through the Moscow airport to catch a 6 minute connection to Paris.  I had time to think about all that took place over the last four months and all that we have to be thankful for.  In Canada our Thanksgiving was last month, but I am going to join all our US friends to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving .. After all so many of you have given us reason to be Thankful.

This summer and extending into the Fall in Kyrgyzstan, we celebrated the wedding of Emma and Jengish.  Over the last few months, we have helped a couple orphanages with back to school shopping, 47 scholarships, and daily homework club with teacher for one of the orphanages to help keep the kids on track.   Dental and Medical treatments, New winter boots for orphanages, winter shoes for the men's home.  We have just about completed the construction of a new Childrens clinic and the renovation of a hospital to be used as dorms for families who lost everything in a fire.  We have seen The floor at the mens home completed.  We have provided Vitamins to carry many into the winter and keep them healthy.    We have seen to  the delivery of new blankets to the seniors home thanks to funds raised by Blair and his friends, and have been able to give out all kinds of new coats to those in need thanks to the birthday wishes of Kristy and her friends.   There have been food drops to the orphanages, and repairs and painting to the baby orphanage playground.  We have delivered 46 tons of coal to keep hundreds warm this winter, and only 8 more tons to go.  We have purchased a garage with a root cellar and have it stocked full of food to provide food hampers to those in need, including the commitment to help with food for the new women's shelter, for the homeless shelter, and the guys living "on the farm".    Speaking of "on the farm" We have seen the start up of the farm to provide jobs and work experience as well as a home to those timed out of the orphanage , and those integrating back into society for whatever reason, as well as providing fresh produce for years to come for many of those we work with.  We have been able to provide a micro loan for a barn in the mountain and the purchase cows to go into it.  All this on top of the regular visits and outings with many of the childrens from several of the orphanages.

Now we are looking ahead to what the next couple months will bring, Julie and I have a few speaking engagements in the next few weeks , and are open to more if anyone would like us to visit.  We have the Christmas pie challenge under way , hoping to raise the funds to provide Christmas to over 2000 orphans. ( please consider making a donation now )   As well we will be helping to prepare teams for spring trips, and set things in motion for a massive fundraiser to support women's issues in Kyrgyzstan, that will see julie and a couple others walk over 800 km on the Camino de Santiago.  

I would sure say we have a LOT to be thankful for this year.  So once again let me express a sincere thank you   to all of you, and we pray that God would bless you for all that you do.      


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