Monday, November 03, 2014

Day One .. Movie day

The team arrived today at 3:30 am and by 7 pm we had already done a couple days worth of work.. I tried to keep the photos down to a manageable amount, but decided to give up on that .. 

We returned home from the airport at 6 am, and had a small nap , then had breakfast at 9:00 .. 
the first stop of the day was to go see Aigula, and order three more coats,  Aigula was happy to see Dave again.  He put her fence up the last day he was in Kyrgyzstan 

we then went to the bazaar to pick up the tushuks for the men's home 
at 1:00 we arrived at the seniors home and set up the projector and gave out corn puffs to everyone 

they were all happy to have the team there 

It was obvious that the presence of the team ment far more then the presents from the team ..

we found a CD with many old Russian classics 

We also announced that we had a sponsor for the rest of their coal and it would arrive next week when the money made it through the bank ... they have been around long enough to appreciate that news 

Bekah's Kyrgz Babushka loved her visit with Maria 
 After a visit with the seniors , we headed to the men's home where the team brought a new carpet and tushuks for on the platform .. the men loved it ..

you can see the 270 bags of puffed corn in the foreground as we are trying to set up the projector and sound .. not to self... Get Larissa some new extension cords 

Here the team is presenting Larisa and the men with the tushuks 

ready for the show to start 

handing out the puffed corn 

Zack with his new best friend .. or at least Zack is somebody's new best friend 

the team was then presented with some cool Kyrgyz pillows made by Zamir 

Emma and Jengish were given this cool wall hanging for their wedding 

Maria showing us the pillow that Zamir made for her 

then back to our house for supper ... Yummy lazagna 

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