Friday, November 07, 2014

a great day to kick off the pie in the face Christmas challenge

Today was an early start for the team.  One car went food shopping for supper tonight  one went shopping with the little truck to the bazaar for the material to build the fence, and one went tot the orphanage to pick up the older kids to come help... The goal was to have the fence up by noon when all the rest of the kids from the orphanage would come for lunch cooked by Vlady, then a stop at the fish farm to do a little fishing, and then on to the hot springs for a swim.  

Then back at the apartment we celebrated Jengishes birthday  as well as blessed Tanya and Larisa with lots of stuff for their work at the village with the people who lost everything in the fire this spring. 

Then if that was not enough , we finished of with what will be the kick off of the pie challenge this year 

the team busy puting up the new fence 

The family a few doors down wanted to sell three of their Rabbits and three of their Geese , so the kids from the orphanage went over with the team and bought them for Jengish for hos birthday ,.. a great addition to the farm

Maria and her new friend 

the rabbits are huge , only one would fit in each sack 

They are very friendly and relaxed , but when you are this big you don't have many predators 

Acelbeck liked the new heater 

a great meal provided by Vlady 

the new geese are settling in with the chickens and ducks 

Every one got to catch a fish ..

the little ones loved the hot springs .as always 

Back at the house , the team unpacked bags of clothing they brought for the fire families .. they got them all organized for when Larisa and Tanya came over 

Yesterday at the Bazaar in Bishkek we found a very nice carpet for the Home work club room where Tanya works with the kids .  The tushuks will arrive next week 

every family will get a new heater for their room

then we had the hotv and mild Chineese meal cooked at the table.. this is one of Jengishes favorites 

then we had a cake for him for his birthday 

Brian congratulated him with a face plant into the cake 

This is one that Jengish owed us from the pie challenge last year 

On that note, in one week from today we will begin the 2014 /15 pie challenge    We need challangers who are willing to take a pie in the face if their friends raise $500 for christmas parties for the kids  here in Kyrgyzstan .. Over the next week I will be setting up the donate buttons as well as trying to encourage many of you to take part .. If you are willing to let your name stand this year , please FB message or email me at and I will put you on the list .

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