Monday, October 22, 2012

A little action, a little work. and a little Aid

Jamie and Jackson waiting for supper

this morning we were back at it .. here Jeremie is making the dryer sprays 
after lunch we went to the dump to bring some food packages for them and talk to them about the oil collection

it was not fun.. lots more people at the dump now then even last week 

Then we went over the the mens home to show the team around .  
The last time Jamie was here, it was one of the darkest places on earth.. today he found something different/
we stopped on the way to the seniors home to get them some apples 

and give Andrew a little ride on the donkey

this view never gets old 

20 KG of the best tasting apples 
the team brought a couple hockey bags of medical supplies with them .. They will sure put them to good use 

We went ahead and brought the first load of coal as soon as we have some coal donations come in we will be able to bring the next two loads 

the team was interested in seeing the boiler system see how we can convert it to oil in the future 

on our way home from Kemin. we stopped at the playground that Jamie and his team built a few years ago on his last trip to Kyrgyzstan

We got back to town today at 3:00 so the team has gone back to the container to get in a few more hours work . and I took the opportunity to catch up on the blog and make supper .

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