Saturday, October 13, 2012

Consider yourself one of the family

So I haven't posted in a couple days .. not because we have not been busy, but because we have . so where do we start ... OK so here is some big news ... I guess Lynns final act before leaving was to meet with Jengish and sign the contract .. Jengish is now officially  one of the team.  What a blessings that is to us all . 

This morning we stopped at the baby hospital to check out the new windows.  you can see them below  the entire top floor has new windows probably about 20 sets in total, as well there is a new door one the ground floor .   What was exciting about this is that it was arranged and sponsored IN Kyrgyzstan.  The Rotary Club took the lead on this one, after all these years of working there and bringing in other organizations to verify the work for our sponsors, they have seen the need and caught the vision..   that's the activating part in what we do, and if we are truly going to make a difference in the long run , this is the very type of thing that needs to happen .

Slavic shows us his stuff as he hits the ice ,  and he was not the only one .  This was a special day .. many of our at risk kids joined us for a great day of skating and a dinner out .. we had 32 of us in total. Children from slavery, children rescued from the dump, children who have attempted to take their own lives, children who have had there parents killed , children who have been discarded.. they have all formed a special bond with us , with each other, and with Dave who was also able to join us today.     Today they were reminded that they ARE part of a special family... maybe not born into this family, but here by choice .. each and every one of them loved and cared for with a special place in our hearts.

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