Saturday, October 06, 2012

Keeping the heat on

I remember a few years back getting a email from our team member Jayne.  She was describing the anxiety she was seeing .  It was fall, and the pending winter was disturbing everyone.  She shared how terrible winter was here, and without proper heat, even the thought of the  winter brought fear.   
She shared that no mater how hard people would try, they could not get it out of their minds.. every morning the reality of the pending winter faced them. 

We see that here now.  In Canada we see signs of winter coming , but in Kyrgyzstan you can actually see the winter.  Every day the snow line creeps a little lower down the mountain.  Take a look at the two photo's shown here . They were taken by our friend Blair.  The photo on the top was taken about 3 days ago, the lower one was taken today

We see repeated here all the things Jayne was telling us .  But now the anxiety is not just on their faces, it is in their voices.  for a few weeks now we have been getting calls asking for help with coal.. the most desperate have not been from people looking for their own needs , but from people like Tanya at the seniors home who is responsible for so many others.  
  Last year we used just over 40 tons of coal .  We have some incredible friends that help with this every year.   The biggest way that help is to raise awareness, and create an avenue for people to experience the blessing that comes when you help some one in a tangible way.. and in this case , that's providing heat for  Widows and Orphans .. it can't get a lot more satisfying then that   If you would like to part of this blessing and encourage our friends in Espanola Ontaria at the same time , you can make a Coal Donation here,  Together we can keep the heat on.   

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