Thursday, October 11, 2012

first full day on the ground for Brooke and Jeremie

Today we spent or time close to home to give Brook and Jeremie a chance to get over the jet leg.  We started with a god breakfast , then a trip to Olga's learning center.  Brooke is going to be volunteering at a few different places, and we want to introduce her to potential places .  
After the center, we headed over to Aigoola's to bring the new heaters for the sewing room 

Vlady has been busy, the new coal water boiler arrived, and he is installing it for them now. They are ready for winter now.  We were also able to give them a good size order of blankets and mattresses .   As well as the sewing , we have some work for the boys.  The coal has started to be delivered now, and we need Beksolten and Turat o go over to DaySpring and shovel it into the bin for us .

From there we went to the Bazaar to see the sights and sounds , and pick up supper 

No not that supper..   . this supper ... 

After shopping we went over to another orphanage to visit the kids and meet with the director.  The kids weer so happy to see us and loved the little glow sticks Emma brought them.  When they met with Brooke, they were really excited to here she was going to be spending time with them they asked with excitement.. ' "Every Day"  when we said not every day, they replied.. ahhh "every hour"... I think it will be a short getting acquainted  curve for her .

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