Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home make over under way

Things are coming along well for our new friends   Remember this picture with the apartment with all the black mold ?   

things are coming along great .  All the ceiling and walls have been cleaned and treated with a special molt retardant paint, then painted and wall papered 

by the time the first wall was done, things became a little overwhelming for her.  She went away and had a little cry before regrouping and coming back to help .  Her kids are just so cute , and as well soooo happy 

Lunch time picnic out front with the team... and all the kids in the area  

Victoria is a master when it comes to keeping the kids involved 

The team is still at the apartment working ..right now they are putting down the flooring in the living room and have started painting the hall.    We will not finish today , but we sure got a lot accomplished ,   Vlady and Joe will keep working for a few more days .. we are hoping that we will have enough funds left to put in a hot water heater for her .. Vlady thinks we will.  

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