Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teams first day on the ground in Kyrgyzstan

The team is here safe and sound  , began the day with Eggs Benedict with home fries ... now we are ready to begin

first stop was the bazaar to get food for the orphanage , I got into a bit of a jackpot, I bought 1500 lbs of Potatoes, 750 lbs of onions, 1000 lbs of Cabbage and went to get the carrots, abut 750 lbs of them ,  It turns out that every one from east city was there selling their carrots and when I sad to one lady " All" I did not meen all that the village brought that day , so 2000 lbs later, we were ready to load the truck.

The orphange sure was excited to see all the food 

some of the fields on the way to the orphanage 

love this shot with the moon over the mountains 

here you can see the patterns of the fields as they are harvested 

the cows coming home 

the kids put on a concert for the team 

Tonight we all went to Aigola's for a traditional Ploff meal.  It was special for the team as Jamie because he knew them from his very first visit, and it was special for me because I did not have to cook 

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