Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kyrgyzstan Bio Diesel Plant complete

Eight months ago we sat in our kitchen in Canada with Darnell and discussed all the possibilities involved with bringing a Bio Dieselplant to Kyrgyzstan.  It was exciting when I thought of all the possibilities.  Good Jobs , low cost heating for the seniors home and kids homes , and future sustainability for our projects.. Darnells enthusiasm was contagious , and I was ready to go.
    A team was assembled , Darnell at the lead,  Jamie, a very good friend of mine from my home town , his out going son Jackson , and A friend of the girls, and a young man, Andrew, I have grown to love over the years as he has always been there as a sender , supporting the work we do for years .  Then the final touch was such a blessing to us .. Jeremie  , Joe's younger brother.. Jeremie is an absolute wealth of knowledge and ability.
  Knowing these guys made up the team, made me feel that this was possible .  Then as time went on I have to admit, I started to get a little nervous .. actually more then one sleepless night .
   The parts lists started to arrive.. the problem is that if you change just one item , it starts a chain reaction that effects every other step of the production.. something I was feeling totally overwhelmed with ,, then there was the financial aspect.. the first run of the parts list came in at over $7000 , and with a budget of about $3000 this was another reason to get concerned.. then to finish it off , getting the container and barrels here and in place for the team .. It was crazy  but I kept thinking of the potential, and remembered the commitment of the team ..   and things started to fall into place ...

The final stages were assembled on the reactor this afternoon , and by 1:30 we were only about a half our from completion, but we had to go  ,  The kids at Bacute were waiting .  The team had decided to take the orphanage to the Bazaar and get the kids new  winter coats, and then back to the orphanage for a pizza party and a soccer game .. pictures to follow tomorrow , but here are a couple teasers ...

Then it was back to the plant for the final finishing touches.   with the final twist of a  screwdriver, we went from a container , to a project to a fully complete oil refinery ....Darnell did the honors 

6:30 pm Oct 25 the plant is operational.  with 12 hours to spare. 

the team leaves Kyrgyzstan in the morning .. we are going to miss them , but we know we will see them again soon .  

Thanks Guys , and thanks to everyone behind them that sent them and assisted with project money .. 

Now here is a little video taken this morning with Darnell as he tries to explain to us what is actually happening along the way . 

I can not sign off tonight with out a special shout out to Vlady .. Your knowledge and ability is beyond anything I could ever imagine .  You have been an incredible gift to us , the team was so blessed by you over the last week , and we have absolute confidence in this project with you at the lead.   You are truly one of a kind !  

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