Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The container is in place

VERY busy day today.  Brooke has her first day of volunteering today,  always a difficult time trying to get everything arranged,  The oil team arrives in the middle of the night  tonight , so there was lots to do getting ready for them .  Julie and Emma were occupied all day with work at hand when you have so many young kids you are working with, and Jengish was busy in the city today purchasing barrels , drums and a container, as well as working on a visa extension for Emma . 
   I thought everything was balancing ok, then Jengish called and said ok the container is on the way... have the crane ready at 4:00  .... WAIT WHAT!!!! ( that's for you Mason )   what crane... I thought that price was delivered.. he said it is delivered, but we still have to take it off the truck... where the heck do you get a crane with an hours notice... I ran out t talk to our friend and driver Bucket .  He said "No problem People" and made a quick call, and we were back on track .   
  The container truck arrived and we met it at the edge of town.  As we weaved our way through about 10 mines of city streets with make shift wiring , I was astounded that we cleared every wire but one.. and it just needed a gentle persuasion and we slipped under it .   Before we knew it we were at Vlady's  house and ready to unload 

Jeremie earned his keep today 

the container was gently eased into place 

amazing how it was manoeuvred in and around the tress and fence 

finally dropped into place 

This time it was Vlady's turn to unhook the wires 

and there you have it , in place , notice the future green house site  in the front,.

in place with 3 hours of daylight to spare.   Ready to start work tomorrow. 

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