Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day one with the team

3:30 this morning we were on the road to the airport to pick up the team .  They were due in at 5:10 am but picked up a tail wind, so by 5:13 they were cleared customs , loaded into the van and we were on our way back to the apartment for a  few hours nap .. then at 9 we picked them up and started the busy day 

first stop was to the container .... to bad it was overcast, the view from the container is beautiful 
Darnell got right to work inspecting the container and taking measurements 

Jengish and the other monkeys thought it was more fun on top of the container... because they could 

Then it was off to the bazaar to source pumps barrels, switches and more 

again the monkeys found things to amuse themselves 

a meeting of the minds

Darnell and Vladdy are like two peas in a pod.

Jeremie is ready to lend a hand

more pumps .. at least Jackson is staying awake .. so far

Supper back at our place before bringing the team home for the night .

The plans are made for tomorrow.. Vlady will take half the team and weld stands for the Barrels, and I will take the other half and get the electrical components ..  Jengish is back in the city looking for the chemicals we will need . 

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