Saturday, October 06, 2012

A day at the fair with the kids

This is Saturday of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  If I was in Canada I would be going to the Norwood fair.  I just love the sights sounds and smells of the fair, especially the midway.  I am not so found of the shoulder to shoulder crowds there some times , but that is all part of what makes it a special place.  We go there and meet up with friends because every one goes, and if you just stop and stand still a few minutes, you will run into all kinds of people you know .   then there is the good food that you only get at the fair.. stuff you would never think of eating otherwise, but at the fair its sooo good ... 

Today we were blessed with a trip to the fair... I mean Bazaar... but when you stop and look around, it will do in a pinch.  right down to the kettle corn .    We brought 1/2 a dozen kids from the Chi orphanage that we work with .     we got there a few minutes before Emma and Sergey arrived with the kids .  Standing at the front gates of the bazaar , like the Norwwod fair, we got to visit with lots of people we know.  When the kids arrived, they were a little hungry, so we got them  kettle corn .. then the fun began 

one of the girls we had with us is our treasure from the trash that you may remember from the blog a long time ago.  She is always so happy to spend some time with us.    To help with the shopping we had our old Babushka shopping queen.  she worker her charm ..hahaha   Emma says she shames the sellers into it giving a good deal .

Every one got a winter coat, warm shoes and new socks.   This Babushka was amazing .. she had the whole crew in and out of the Bazaar in about 1 hour.  If we were to do this shop ourselves we could expect it to be about $40 a person ..  when we totaled up today's shopping , we found that she had managed to haggle  them down to an average of only $18 a kid.

just in time for winter ..When we were done,  I Gave our gold smiled Granny a shopping list for winter socks and leggings along with $200 for the entire Red river orphanage  .. about half of what it should be.. but she is certain that will be plenty.. she is up for the challenge..   She says that tomorrow night she will have the shopping all ready for us, complete with all the receipts.   

We then took them all to the Yurts for shashleek.  Today was Vladics  Birthday so we had Anya and the kids join us as well    now you might point out that we had everything but the midway rides....but thats not true.. we had the taxi ride home !

It was a great day with the kids .. we are looking forward to seeing them all again next Saturday. we are taking them to Bishkek for an outing , along with all the orphanage kids we know here that are no longer in the orphanage   they have it narrowed down to Skating or the amusement part.    we will see what works out.
We came home , and turned on our heat.. it was a cool day today .  that has sure made me think.. the seniors don't have that option.   .. so I am not going to wait, Monday we will take what ever money we can round up and we will order a couple loads of coal to get every one enough to get started ..

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