Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Down to the wire with just over 24 hours to go

Yesterday we spent the full day in Bishkek at the Bazaars .. 5 in total .  I must say it was an adventure , but we were successful
Lunch at KFC Kyrgyzstan Fried Chicken

It was great to have Costya stop in for a look see, and spend a little time with the guys

Final touches on the collection tanks .. first in the series 

this is the final drying tanks for the end of the process.  They evaporate any water left after processing 

first stage filters being put in place 

this is a settling tank designed to remove the Glycerin  from the bio diesel  

Adding the methanol evaporator to the reactor 

This silver barrel is one that we found in an old welding shop in town .   They sold it to us for $100 because it was split.  Vlady managed to find someone to weld it for us .. it proved to be more difficult then we expected  we thought it was stainless steal... turns out it was Titanium.  even better.  Darnell was pretty excited .. with an investment of $100 and another $160  welding fees, we have a titanium reactor.. top of the line , worth well over $2000 .  Thats something to be excited about .

Everything is basically finished .  we have done a water test on each stage of the process, with plenty of leaks  .. most of them have been patched , with just a few more to go .  We should be finished by noon tomorrow .. just in  time for a celebration ploff made by Vlady , then we will be heading to the Bacute orphanage to so some winter shopping with them followed by a pizza party

While we were working on the refinery, Julie was helping Brooke get set up to teach at the University , then went over to  Aigoolas sowing shop to place an order for 25 new mattresses for the hospital .

Tomorrow I will do a full video of the process from start to finish... Just in time .. the team leaves tomorrow night .

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