Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Tonight was another fun evening.  It is such an inspiration to spend time with such great young adults.  They are all students that are interested in volunteering with us here  in Kyrgyzstan. 

many of these kids we have known for 4 or 5 years , they have all known what it is to have someone be there for them, so they have a special understanding .. We began by introducing them to Costya and Olga then we had a great meal 

After supper, Costya and I gave them a more in-depth explanation of the Jeremiah project  as well as other volunteer opportunities that we have for them here.  They were all very eager, and then we had them fill out volunteer applications 

    After the meeting, one of the young ladies came to me and shared her heart.. She told me that after this night  she is just so excited to see all these people wanting to volunteer . she said that she feels that this will be a turning  point for Tokmok..      with HOPE like this may just be !

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