Monday, October 08, 2012

Slavic ... Lost and Found

On our way back from Bishkek we stopped at Red river orphanage and dropped off 300 pairs of socks and winter leggings for the kids there .   When we got back to our apartment we had a friend stop buy. he is the director of an  orphansage in KaraKool and had just been shopping for winter clothes for his kids.  

we got him out 40 pairs of mits for his kids, and another 10 pair for the kids of his staff.  every pair different, and every pair made with love.. a message the kids will here  .  
 So on Saturday when we took the group of kids shopping, there is one boy in tat group that was not there.  Slavic once again had doped off the radar.  The director was going to send the police after him if she did not find him soon.  He had gone to visit his mother some time ago , and never returned.

You can imagine the awful things we had been thinking, likely the same thing many of you will be thinking reading this .   First thing this morning   Emma and Sergey went looking for him.  By 1:00 they were back with our young friend.
what he was wearing was everything that he had left  and he was rather reserved.
but in no time he started to loosen up a bit. 

We brought him shopping at the bazaar . he got new pants, shirts, socks , underwear, shoes , a fall and a winter jacket a hat, and a couple warm shirts.     then we went to get him a hair cut.     There was an uncomfortable moment at the barber..  as he was getting his hair cut, the barber could not help but notice the smell and appearance , she turned to me and asked " Are you his father ? do you not have a wife, this boy needs to go to the banya ( bath house ).  I could see past the hair dressed at Slavic.  I couldn't say No it's not my fault.. so I just looked at her, smiled and told her in my broken Russian that we had a good time getting this dirty.... Slavic smiled .. then we brought him back to the apartment and gave him a little time in the shower.


    After getting all cleaned up and in new cloths we took him for supper, and planed an outing for Saturday with he and his friends and sister.

We wanted to make sure that he did not have any real understandable reason why he did not return , was there something at the orphanage he was concerned about.     He said no he just had no clothes.

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