Wednesday, September 17, 2014

working around the apartment today

Today Emma had school in the morning, then met with one of her kids that she meets with once a week to bring the weeks food money .  $10 a week she gives.   After school she was helping our Babushka neighbor.  I had given her a few bottles of chili sauce, and now Buba Maria wants to make a few batches herself.. using my recipe, so Emma had the chore of doing all the shopping .  
  Today was an at home work day for Jengish and I .

Our back balcony is used as a hall to the girls room, a storage room, and the shelf at the end of the hall is where we distribute Vitamins from.  The problem is that the balcony is not heated or insulated.. until now.  We insulated the floors and the walls today  and put in in floor heating. 
Every one knows that the first step is to get your game on .. This is what Jengish is trying to achieve.

all done .. hopefully a little warmer for the girls this winter 
Meanwhile Vlady is busy at the hospital bricking the front of the new medical clinic, and this afternoon Emma and Kamala were busy with Homework club.  

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