Wednesday, September 17, 2014

new root cellar / storage garage

The last few weeks we have been busy making preserves for the winter , Tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, zucchini raspberries .  We have been bottling them all for the months to come.   
Every year as we are approaching winter , I am amazed at how cheep the potatoes and carrots are, but in a few short months, they will become almost 4 or 5 times the price.  Garlic and cabbages is another crop that is very cheep right now but will become very expensive shortly  .

part of a delivery of carrots for families in need 
Today we have acquired a garage / root seller that will save us a lot of money in the years to come .  
the garage was purchased for  $370  and will be such a help for us .  The upper level we will be able to sort bags , put together food hampers, organize vitamins and clothing , all the things that we are doing in our balcony. There are stairs down to a root cellar that is big enough to hold about 5 tons of  vegetables 

sergey opening the door for us 

the stairs go down to a huge basement cold cellar 

This is the garage section of town 
As we begin organizing the upper storage area we wait in anticipation to see Gods provision of funds to take advantage of cheaper produce for the winter .. a $400 investment now will be worth a couple thousand by Christmas.

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