Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Doing the Happy Dance

Today we are doing the happy dance .  We have received some sponsorship money to help with kids back to school.  this brings us up to 24 kids sponsored with only another 10 to go on our immediate needs list.

At Olga's learning centre, we have started a homework club  day two and already it is well attended . 
we have 4 teachers already .  The kids can come in for hep on any subject .. the club is open from 3 until 7 Monday - Friday.     It is set up that the cost for a child is $1, The children from orphanages and struggling families are free. 

Emma doing a little one on one with the kids last spring 

another picture from the spring with Kamalla and a larger group of kids , Kamalla will be heading up the home work club.  she is a great teacher.
We made a stop at the Ivonofka children s treatment centre.  They were very happy to see us again, but  supper happy to receive new uniforms.  This was a joint effort between some nurses in the Peterborough area and the sponsors at www.ian1ru.com  .  

as an iam1ru dream agent, Bekah had posted a need for nurses uniforms at the seniors home .  funds were raised for the needed uniforms, then a great opportunity arose,  We received a donation of about 100 uniforms ..  enough to fill a couple suitcases.  We were able to use the funds raised for a few uniforms and pay the extra baggage fees to get them all here, so not only were all the staff at the seniors home able to get a couple uniforms each, but all the workers at the children's centre were blessed as well  . 

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