Thursday, September 11, 2014

The container is in place

Today started with an early morning trip to the Kazakhstan embassy to get our visa's .  We are in Kyrgyzstan on a 60 visa free pass, but have to leave and come back again to renew it. So we are getting visa's to go to Kazakhstan, and will go visit our friends Beth and Victoria .. We are excited because we will bring with us a dance group that Anya works with ..   It will be a great opportunity and experience for them.  

While in Bishkek, Jengish and I went and found the shipping crate, and had it sent to Tokmok where Vlady was waiting . Our end went very smooth... Vladys end had  little more excitement ... They hit a power line, knocking it out... not a big deal and easily fixed, but not before the neighbors found it in their heart to get the police involved .. I was purposely not around for this , so it remained not a big deal, and the container is now in place.. a perfect fit .

Calling Vlady to tell him that the container was on its way, and to have the crane ready 

Lots of room here for a waiting room and exam room 

this back part will be the washroom, procedure room and sterilizing room .. part of the second faze when a sponsor is found for this 

this long side of the container will be the front of the building and will have two large windows and a door.  It will be insulated with Styrofoam and then bricked  

looks great 

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