Friday, September 12, 2014

shopping and coal

This morning we were so happy to be able to get the rest of the clothes we needed for the kids at Emma's orphanage, and the day just kept getting better and better.  It was cold last night , and although I personally love the cold nights, It concerns me when I think about all the seniors at the seniors home. They can't handle the cold .  Before heading out to  go shopping for the kids, I did a quick update on Facebook about the cold nights, and through our the day funds began to come in , and by the end of the day we were able able to get the first of three loads of coal for them .  

this guy is great , we give him a list and he runs around and gathers up everything we need and charges us in most cases 1/2 the regular rate.. what a great way for us to shop for the kids.

only a few kids home when we got to the orphanage,but they were sure happy to see us

they sure love Emma 

We got there just as they were unloading the coal train. This was just the type of coal that they like at the seniors home . It is from a special mine in Kazakhstan and burns the best in the water boiler at the seniors home .  

The train drives out on this long raised track, and the coal is then dumped out each side where the trucks are waiting .. They fill up here and go to another area of town to wait for people to buy the loads from them .. buy going directly to the site and purchasing the coal from the yard and hiring the truck to deliver for us, we are able to save $16 a ton. 

all loaded up and on its way 5.6 tons in this load ... thanks everyone

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