Sunday, September 07, 2014

How do we set our priorities

As I have been sharing over the last few weeks, we have seen so many needs . Apart from the projects that we are working on , We see new needs every day , At the door, on the phone,and at the homes and offices of many that we work with , people come daily looking for help.   Every one of those looking for help is sure that their need is the most pressing .  Medical needs, dental needs .. they should take priority because of the pain they are experiencing right .. well what about the kids that were to go back to school last week and could not go because they did not have tuition, or uniforms , Thats a priority right.. life is moving on with out them, and soon it will be too late in the year to start.  Maybe the seniors off the street being looked after at the seniors home see heat as a fairly pressing need , in the mountains , already the nights are cold .. this should be a priority, or should it ?..
  The kids that come to our door and say " you have to feed me , I am hungry "  maybe this should be a priority .. Maybe its food for the families living and working at the dump....  Its so hard for me do say where we should focus resources, but  for me making those decisions is out of our hands,  We don't have the resources , and most funds come in designated , so in a way I guess the ultimate decision of what is a real priority is a decision best left up to you. Please consider how you can help at this time, and be sure to put in the memo box what you think is the greatest priority and we will be sure to direct your funds in that direction.  .. the decision is yours .

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