Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Log entry 10012014

Today there were a not of things going on, so the post is more like a log entry .  

To start the day Jengish and I were over at the hospital to help Vlady , I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to get help/  It seems like every day there is a new helper , and we don't know if they are going to show up from one day to the next, so Jengish and I go now and help until the help shows up.  it works out well,  It gives us a little exercise, as well as keeps me in touch with the reality of what this project is about.  All morning long, parents are lined up out side , and in the hall waiting to be seen by the Dr's in a tinny little office.  I would have more pictures of this, but it is a stressful time for them, and I feel funny taking pictures of them.   Time to time parents come over to ask what we are doing. When they realize that it is a waiting room and exam room, they are always sooo happy to hear .  Today was no exception, except today this father told his wife what we were doing, she said to him that she was ok with there child and that he could come and help us . His name is Sergey and helped to relocate some trees, then helped us to install the door. 

we did a run to the bazaar to get all the supplies to put together the seniors gift packages. then came back to our place and Julie and the girls assembled them all.  Tomorrow we will deliver them .

While at the Bazaar Emma took this picture. we thought it was funny .. it is the booth that sells about the closest thing to donuts here in Tokmok .. 

The organization that Bekah works with ..Possibilities International , is having a fund raising walkathon and some of the funds raised that day will be used to support the food package deliveries that Bekah does for families and students in need   here is the information about that 

We will be here in Kyrgyzstan, so we will do a walk from Tocmok to the Buran tower. Julie announced this on FB and right away she got her first response from a young boy here in Tokmok.. actually from Sergey and Anya's son , he not only will walk with us on that day, but he wants to donate $10 .. that is so big ... what an encouragement . If you would like to be a part of this event , either by walking or donating , please follow this link and donate to TEAM HAPPY  

We had to put the snow tires on the car today, and while we were waiting we went for a bowl of soup, and invited Sergey and Anya to join us .  We have not had a lot of time with them this trip.  We have both been busy, so it was nice to have lunch with them . 

The soup we ordered was a traditional chinees dish.  The soup was cooked at the table in a double pot, One side was mild and the other extra hot.  Then all the food items were brough to the table and you add them to the soup pot to cook.  By mixing and matching you are able to get just the right degree of spice for you .. at least thats the idea.  .. I must say I had a few bowls that could blow the roof off ,, 

very good, and very interesting .. we had a great meal 

Yesterday we did spend the day with Sergey. He brought us to Kazakhstan.  We are in Kyrgyzstan on a 60 day visa free ass, but at 60 days we had to be out of the country, so we got a visa to Kazhkstan and went for lunch.  All went well, it took about an hour for us to make the trip across the bridge and through customs , and it took about 2 hours for the car to get across.   We had lunch then when to look around at the bazaar .  it was the same as the ones in Kyrgyzstan, but they were almost empty.. it seemed very strange to walk around in an empty bazaar.  

Tonight Emma was busy with us so Baktagul went with Kamalla to do the homework club at the orphanage .  Tomorrow we will be at the hospital project in the morning while Emma is in school, then we will all head out to see the seniors at noon,  stay tuned for an update . 

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