Sunday, September 28, 2014


Its that time of year again.  Students and families in need facing the prospects of a long cold winter.  Starvation leads to a weakened immune  system , and a difficult time fighting the cold .    Bekah has a long list of those that she helps , a $20 bag of food can take the edge off for a month and some times as much as two months.  As needs are identified , Bekah is notified and she brings a bag of groceries and does an assessment.  Many times she will identify minor health concerns that can be treated with simple over the counter creams or medications, and for the more difficult cases she brings them to Dr Tatyana.  Because she is younger and not a threat, Bekah is able to help where others can not.  It all starts for her with the food hamper.  

Bekah and Kamalla delivering groceries 

these kids are so happy to know that they will eat tonight 

Over the next few months the financial burden to maintain this needed program is mare then we are able to handle on our own. Fortunately for Bekah , she is not on her own , she has us , she has you, and she has an awesome support network at Possibilities International.   

One of the ways that PI is helping to raise needed funds is to have teams running in the ROAD2HOPE .  Each team runs for one of PI's causes..

Sam is the executive director of PI, and he has always been a great support for Bekah , and now he is going to Run for her .  If you would like more information about the run , either to enter a team or to suport Sam as he runs to suport Bekah , you can find it here 

getting hugs from Sam and Ron

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