Friday, September 05, 2014

The knowledge store

Today I would like you to come with me on a little tour.  A tour of one of the greatest places here in Tokmok.   Not just Tokmok, but all of Kyrgyzstan, this school was one of the very first to direct their resources to children with  special needs , something that has not been popular here in Kyrgyzstan. 

Our friend Olga has worked hard to break through the staryo  types and have an inclusive center. this school Uses 3 newly renovated apartment , all side by side on the first floor.  this gives them 3 large class rooms, a nap room, a small kitchen/dining room, 2 smaller classrooms for one on one teaching and counseling, along with 3 full washrooms, and three nice bright balcony's.    They have 5 qualified teachers , including music teacher, speech therapist, social workers.  

This is the school that many of those kids we are helping go to to get extra help getting caught up so they can go to a regular school.  As well as working with children requiring extra help, they have a regular pre-school / kindergarten program.  The kindergarten program runs daily from 8 am until 6 pm and provides the kids with two meals in this time.  

Another program that we are are working on with her is to have a home work club.  A class room that will be open from 4 until 7 every night where kids can come if they need  extra help with homework.  Kamalla and Bekah will take the lead on this program, and we know it will be busy as the Bacute kids will be their first students, stoping at the centre on their way home from school every day to get the homework help they need. 

We have been working with Olga for many years now, and we are so thrilled to see how far the center has come.  The cost for a student to come here , including meals is 120 com a day or around $2.50 Canadian . 
right now they have room for 15 more kids, and if these places are filled, the center will be self sufficient.

As I look around, I know of so may kids that could benifit from this school , many on the streets and in the poorer families we know, but even such a low tuition is too much for them, yet we simply can't take more kids unless we can at least cover the food budget, and with winter coming it is always difficult. 

I would love to be able to set up a scholarship program here as well .  If we could find sponsors for 15 kids at $50 a month , the school would be self sufficient and , not to mention the awesome support these kids would get .   As a person growing up with a learning disability,  I know first hand how difficult school can be and how important it is to have someone that believes in you.  I had that , and you can be that person for one of the struggling kids here in Tokmok

nap room 
music class room
small therapy room

another classroom

speech therapy room

Later today we were at bacute getting the kids all set up for homework class starting Monday  .. Julie was happy to see Samic and Eliza ,, they were drying off potatoes before putting them away for the winter.  

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