Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thank you to our friends in Saint Cloud Minnesota

we had a fun day today with the kids from Bacute orphanage.  It was a special day as it included a dinner out with there new friends from Minisota Via modern technology.  There are a group of kids in Saint Cloud Minnesota that wanted to do something special for the kids here , so they made them each a placement, then emailed them to us with a picture of themselves.  On one side was the drawing, and on the other is their photo and name. Then they were all laminated to use as placemats. 

The kids loved them here , and they especial loved to have the pictures and the names to go along with them . 

We brought them out for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.  It was a first for them , and they loved trying the chop sticks.  Julie and Bekah went ahead to get things ready and to get the playmates set out at the table . When the waitress heard that they were all going to be orphans for supper not adults like she was expecting , she was horrified... horrified that there were orphans ,, she could not believe that people would just leave there kids . She shared how when she was in the hospital , a lady in the bed next o her that appeared to have it all just got up and left and left her baby behind... Well by the time I got there with the kids, Julie and Bekah were already dealing with her full blown tears.  


Bekah explained to the kids about the placements and where they came from, and how the kids wanted to treat them to this great night. 

They all remembered having Tony and Kori with them at Christmas, so it was extra special to know that this was their friends and family , It's nice for them to know that you are not forgotten .

 When the evening was over, the owner came out and gave the kids a special treat.. he turned the lights down, turned on the strobe lights and the music, and a dance party broke out .  They also gave the kids chop sticks to take home ... 

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