Friday, September 19, 2014

Preparing for winter

Today Julie and Acel are joining many others at a conference organized by those at LAMb International.  and their efforts with World  Without Orphans  ( WWO)                                                 WWO presents a conference to share the needs of the orphans in Central Asia. This conference is to focus on vulnerable children and their need for solid and meaningful relationships with adults who understand that each child has a purpose: Jeremiah 29:11. Pray for a good result and a movement of adoption within the countries of Central Asia!

Back in Tokmok the work continues .  We stopped over to the hospital project to meet up with Vlady, then went over to the garage where we cleaned it up and built some shelving.  One section for storage, then a long counter top for a place to assemble care package,, sort Vitamins and clothing etc. Next we cleaned out the cold cellar and fixed the stairs . 

Emma and Jengish  at the old waiting area for the baby hospital 

Vlady is busy bricking up the front of the new waiting room .  the inside will be dry walled , and three windows and a door will be added .  

Garage is all cleaned out, shelves in and ready for supplies 
We have had some money come in to buy food now while it is cheaper,  So tomorrow we will start stocking the shelves.  Being able to buy in bulk, we will be able to get so much more bang for the buck.  This will be great for the girls through the winter, as the orphanages and families and students  in need are hungry, the girls will be able to respond right away .  If any of you are interested in helping with this,  You can donate now, and I will check the Paypal and Canada Helps before we go.  

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