Friday, September 26, 2014

lots of work today

Early this morning Emma joined me at the clinic to help Vlady. We have been short on workers , I guess thats a good thing, not a problem we are used to having , but all our people are either in school, working or sick, so Emma and I got our hands dirty for the day today.    We have an open invitation out there now for people looking for work, and Every morning we will have to go help Vlady until helpers arrive.  We are now quite high , so its good to have someone mix motor and  hand up bricks and cement, that was my job today.   

V;ady setting the bricks and Emma filling in the space between them 

Vlady cutting  out the container to make the opening for the window. 

As I spent the day at the hospital, it was so clear how necessary this clinic is.  All day long there were between 15 and 20 people waiting to be seen.  Standing in the halls and out side on the benches, they all waited their turn.  In just a few weeks it will be raining during the days , and soon the snow. The rush is now on to get this clinic open before the snow flies.   So many people , mothers , grandmothers and fathers came over to express their thanks for the work that has been done here,  Even the administrator of the hospital commented on the fact that I was out mixing cement today. 

Tomorrow is seniors day here. This is a Very big event.  We have a few seniors around town that we have been helping , as well as close to 40 out in Kimin at the seniors home we would like to bring a little gift to.  We had a donation come in today for $25. I know who it came from and I know it was the widows mite.  I am excited to see how God will use that to bless the elderly, Maybe that is the seed needed to encourage others to join in.  

Emma and Buba Maria 

we will go back and see Bubba Anya again and bring her a special git. 

While we were working, Bekah and Kamalla kept the home fires burning, coking supper, and doing laundry, then at 4:00 Kamalla was off to teach at home work club .

Bekah is making ...ummmm well something .. But I know it will be good. 

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