Wednesday, September 24, 2014

mens home, hospital, people in need , and some new friends at supper .

Today was a busy day .  Our first stop was to the mens home to help Larissa to get ready to receive a team from Samaritans Feet .  They are hosted by LAMb, and are here to bring shoes and slippers to many of the people that we work with , A few of the orphanages , the seniors home and the mens home.  

Each man had a one on one time with a member of the team , The team member shared with them, being sure to call them by name .  Washing their feet, then putting on the new slipper socks. 
Bekah was translating for a bit, then went to help keep the man calm with crafts who were waiting their turns

while there we got a few calls , One lady that we had a team from Millbrook help a few years ago called , She is back in the hospital and was asking if we can help her with her children , and the other call was to tell us that our young friend we had helping Vlady fell off a roof somewhere last night , and had broken his hand .  He called Vlady to say he would not be in today, but Vlady told him he had to come, then made him go to the emergency to get it casted,  Vlay said he knew he would not go get it fixed if he did not make him come in .   So now our  young friend is in a jam , he needs work to help pay his rent, but can not work for about three weeks.  We asked him if he wanted to be in school, he said that he would like to but does not have the opportunity , it is just he and his sick mom and he has to work to support her.   very hart breaking, but I am reminded that life is hard !   So we had to leave Mens home to go track down a few needs . 

Emma was on her way to the hospital to look for a lady that was homeless and was hit while standing on the side walk beside Jengish a couple days ago.  On her way she found an old Babushka wandering around with a dead rooster in her hands .  Emma was trying to walk  her home and got to hear her life storey, and how her son beet her so she wanted to go to a seniors home to be safe, but they would take everything she has if she did , so she does not know what to do.  So we will have a littl higher presence there until we can help her figure out what to do .  If she goes to the home we help, she will not loose the house , so we will discuss this option with her . 

The clinic is coming along well despite loosing one worker today.  The sill plates under the windows and doors are now done, soon we will be ready to pop out the mettle and put in the windows and doors

it was just starting to get dark and we could see the glow of the incubator coming from the hospital .. remembering to pray for the little one in that room. 

We then headed out for supper to a new restaurant that just came to town.  We picked up Kamalla from teaching homework club, and went for supper.  

This was very authentic,  and really really good food.  The first dish looked very grose, but turned out to be great .. It was a buckwheat noodle in a cold marinade of soya sauce , vinigar oil and a bunch of other spices.  

For dessert we had candy apples , they are served crackling hot, and gooey, but then you dip them in the water and the candy goes hard and crunchy ... sooo good , in fact everything we ordered was very good . 

The whole time we were eating we watched a couple tables over as a strange meal being served, so finaly when we finished we went over to check it out . 

Of course we could not just ask but had to sit and join the party and try it out .  The big pot of soup boiled in the centre of the table , it had a devider that separated the regular
 from the extra hot ( gorky )  different food items would be brought out one type at a time and tossed into the hot liquid.  Man was it hot.  It was kind of funny after a sampling they went o pour me a drink, we said no thank you , I don't drink, and with in seconds the empty... and the full bottles were goe from the table .. grown men, but it was like they were kids and their parents just came home early ..we did have a good time ,   It turns out one of them went to school with Kamalla, and was the guy that runds the little tire shop where I get my tires fixed.    Bekah managed to catch a bit of this on video.. I am sure this place will be a hit with teams when they come.


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