Thursday, September 18, 2014

A big day for Buba Maria

We live next door to a sweet old Babushka, in fact we even use one of her rooms that we are connected to through the common balcony.  Despite being 89 years old and having no family left, she does remarkably well at caring for herself.  Some of the tasks like shopping and paying bills have started to become a challenge for her, so the girls have been helping with that . , Her biggest difficulty is that she can not see much more then shapes and figures .  Bekah shared her situation with everyone over at Possibilities International and was able to get sponsors to go for an eye exam in the city to see if there was anything that could be done. 

This morning was the big day.  Emma brought her to the eye Dr and they ran a bunch of different tests to determine what the problem is.  It was found that she currently has 7% vision.  and that no glasses will be able to make her vision any better.  But there is an operation that she can have , a cataract operation could be done , Her health is good, there are some meds they would like to have her take  for a couple months so that she would have optimum success, then the operation could be done as an out patient, and she could be home the same day.   The cost for the meds and the operation for both eyes would be around $1000.  

Maria did not see this as good news, but saw this as the impossible. Emma tried to explain to her that this is good news and that she could see again, but for an 89 year old pensioner this was the same as telling her that she will never see again and the little sight she has will be gone soon.  We talk about hope and the power that hope brings .. I always see hope as such a positive factor, but I am reminded again the destructive force of "NO HOPE" .. 

This sweet old Babushka to our girls here has a chance at being able to see again .  Emma has convinced her to start on the meds, she will have Dr Tatyana help with this, and told her that we will "lift up our eyes to the mountains to where our help comes from" and believe with her that something will happen that she will see again 

How old is too old .. at 89 years old  she may have lost hope, but " yet we are confident that Buba Maria will see the Lords goodness while she is here in the land of the living ".. that would be such a glorious thing 

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