Thursday, June 25, 2015

What one share looks like.

Many of you have purchased food shares from the farm .  $60 for one share , and you got to tell us where to donate your food .. (40 shares still available ) Once a week we will harvest what is ready and deliver these shares to those in need . 

Lets take a look at what ONE share looks like this week . 

the kids are helping deliver the food 

first stop .. the seniors home 


Notice the nice Uniform on this worker .. Thank you to all who sent uniforms 

Emma taking time for a little visit with one of the Babushka's 

next stop to one of the orphanages 

several families we have worked with received some fresh produce today 

the homeless shelter 

Bubba Maria was happy to get a food share as well , and of course had to have them in for tea .. just as important as receiving produce knowing that people care.   

These are just a few of the people blessed with fresh produce this week ... made possible by many of you .. thank you 

and so the sun goes down on another day on the farm 
Goosey says  "Job Well Done"

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