Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On the move again

Well we are back in Canada now.   It was a good trip . We left Kyrgyzstan together and had a four hour layover in Istanbul, Then Bekah went on to  Toronto and we went to Washington where our car was, as well as the boys.  We then drove up to Canada stopping along the way to visit friends and pick up about 500 lbs of Vitamins for Kyrgyzstan.  

Lots has continued to happen at the farm while we have been away .  The kids have started to arrive, the support staff is now all at the farm and things are looking great.  Vlady will head out to the farm tomorrow to put in a hot water heater in Podgorna farm so they will have hot water for showers and doing dishes.  Its kind of good that not all 15 kids arrive at once, it will give us time to work out the bugs, also raise a little more money for start up.  We are hoping to spend about $40 for each kids when they arrive , getting them things like towels, tooth brush, barn boots, sun hats and some work clothes . we have three done and on the farm now, and another 12 on the way as soon as their exams are over next week . 
Goosey is transitioning well , he loves Emma and Jengish and all the new adventures he gets to go on with them.  They have two baby ducks that they are caring for right now.  The ducks have imprinted on Goosey, and he is not so sure he likes that . every where he goes he is followed by the little ducks .  
Crops are doing great , everything is coming up as it should 

zucchini, potatoes, carrots and corn   

Corn and cucumbers 

Zucchini, potatoes and garlic , 
onions, peppers, tomatoes , and long beans 

lunch on the farm . Emma, Aigula, Asylbek Misha, Olya, Marat and Nick .. photo credit Jengish 


 new sheets and blankets and pillows are done just in time 

onions and cabbages and spaghetti squash 

Swiss chard 

garlic, beans, peas, beats, horse radish and Swiss chard , corn and cucumbers in the distance 

Olya cleaning carpets 

boys learning how to get the water flowing in the irrigation ditches 
When we got back to Virginia we saw some of Emma's prints framed .. they look great  

It was great to spend some time with the boys as well. Their English is doing great .

watching video greetings from their friends back in Kyrgyzstan  

slight delay at the border to explain 500 lbs of Vitamins and prove that they are donations , then on our way back over the border 

then it was back home and spend some time with Benjamin, Rachel and the boys .  

if you would like to help with start up needs , you can follow this link 

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