Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bekah's blessing

Last week after Bekah sang, there was a man in the service that saw her and felt that he needed to do something special for her .. this was in his mind all week, then a couple days ago Bekah and her brother Benjamin stopped into his shop for Benjamin to get a quick hair cut.   He was so happy to see Bekah , and told her how he was prompted to bless her , and booked her back into the shop for a hair cut .. but not just a haircut .. the full deal .. cut, style, straiten , hair treatment , high lights streaks ,  If it was possible, she got it .. This was such a blessing for her.  

If you are ever in the Oshawa area and need a great haircut , you need to go here .. probably wont get the same deal, but you will get great service and a good haircut . 

Back on the farm the work continues ,    This first photo is the field of peppers, onions and tomatoes at podgorna farm. The produce here will be used for canning and sale to help with the sustainability side of the farm .  You can see the pool in the distance in this picture , it is filled when the irrigation ditches are running , and used to water the garden on the days when there is no water.  In the mean time , the kids love being able to swim in it.  

Tomatoes         hot peppers             green and red peppers 

Over at the food shares farm the produce is continuing to grow like mad .  They had just done a harvest, and the vines are laden again.

Its great having our own water storage  now so we can water when ever we want.. the plants like that too 

Kola stakes a quick break  for a little water as well .  In this picture you can see the pile of rubble in front of the house , this is where the old garage was .   

Today we had a special visitor to the farm.  Christy, and another friend of Jengishes from the city came out to see the farm, spend some time with the kids, and to take them to the Baranna tower.  If was great to have company, and the kids really enjoyed the day.  

 The boys were really excited to go pick some fresh zuccini for Christy to take back home with her .  This was extra fitting as Christy and her friends helped to supply some of the seeds that we planted . 

Goosey and Jengish  went out for a drive and found a nice little mud hole to play in .. Gossey on foot, and Jengish in his 4x4 

speaking of Jengish, a friend of his has been watching the posts, and started to imagine what Jengish may end up looking like when he gets a little older and a little more eccentric.

 I think he may have nailed it 

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