Monday, June 29, 2015

ducklings are hatching , and piglets arrived

Aizada is a beautiful young lady that is happy that she can work at the farm this summer she is very smart as well.  She has graduated and would like to go into med school, or international studies in the fall .. She is one of the kids that we would like to find a sponsor for her scholarship... if you want to make a difference in her life, let me know.

Days are starting to get hot now, and in the afternoons the last place you want to be is out in the field with no shade.  We run a split shift at the farm .  A few hours in the morning and a few in the evening , and then a couple hours through out the day on other projects.  Today that other project was to take Goosey for a swim in the irrigation storage tank (aka pool)  these pools are such a blessing on so many levels .. the kids work hard, and being able to go in any time and cool off is such a blessing, and having water ready all the time for watering the plants and the animals is imperative when you are growing market gardens . 

 Goosey is enjoying his daily trips to the farm, so its not such a big scary place for him any more .  I guess that's why its safe for him to start growing wings.  Goosey was in his egg too long and as a result he has a form of C.P. he is shaky when he walks, and when he falls, he ends up on his back and can't get back upright on his own.  Once his wings come in he will be able to keep his balance, and right himself with out help.   As he was drying off from his swim, Emma found his first feather . 

We have some new animals on the farm this week.  Two piglets are a great addition.  We are thinking maybe a few more , but don't want to have more then what will eat the food scraps and the garden waste. We don't want to get to the point that we need to buy them food ,  so we will watch and see weather we could feed a few more or just stop at two for now. 

We have other new additions , Our ducks are sitting on three full nests, and tonight the eggs have started hatching. 

We have some more great news .. Do you remember the big double kazan that we wanted to build for the canning ? 

It will cost about $300 to build, and this weekend we had a donation of $200 towards this project.  The money is in Kyrgyzstan now, and Vlady will start building it this week.  this will be such a help, and make it possible for large batches of produce to be canned .   We are praying for the other $100 to come in quickly . 

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