Thursday, June 11, 2015

Come join us on the farm !

We are getting ready for a golf tournament this weekend to support the work in Kyrgyzstan. it is in just a couple days, but we still can fit in more if anyone is interested .   

On the farm there was mixed emotions today .  As kids start to arrive at the farm, it is necessary to feed them.  We purchased a lot of dry goods before we left, but they still need some meet in their diet.  That means that every couple  weeks we will need to fill the freezer with protein ..  Today was that day.  Aigulla with Emma's help will process every part of the goat.. and I mean every part !  

Vlady was out at the farm today.  The water heater there is coal fired, and is part of the house heating system. that will be great in the winter, but not so good when it gets hot in the summer, so Vlady is putting in an electric hot water heater for showers and dishes .  

Goosey is doing well. He likes living with Jengish and Emma.  He gets to go out for visits with them to the farm but he doesn't have to stay, and that makes him happy.  Every night he  snuggles into Jengishes foot for a nap.  

this morning I was talking to Jengish and he was asking if I knew anyone that would like to invest in a few pigs.  He has found a deal , five medium sie pigs for $50 each .  At first I was thinking that it would be another few mouth's to feed, but now with kids on the farm and the gardens, maybe it would not be such a bad idea to have a couple ,  they can eat the leftovers.  We have the pens for them already , so I will put it out there if any one wants to see pigs on the farm , just use the donate button on the side of the blog, and we can make it happen. 

 As we start to look ahead to the fall, I have something that we will put out there to see if there is interest .  We are thinking it would be great to have a a team come to the farm to help with all the canning .. It could be a group made up of people from all over , Just bring your favorite recipe  and we will have a great week with the kids on the farm ..
We can work out specific dates when we see who is interested and times they are available .  If you might be interested , send me a message at .. I think it will be around $2000 for a week to 10 days all included, flights accommodations meals translators and special events  with the kids from several different orphanages.  , We will know better when we find a date and see the flight costs. 

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