Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy fathers day

I got an email a couple days ago from some friends.  They had asked the father of the house what he wanted for Fathers day , his response was "something for the farm."  Now normally that could throw someone off if they don't have a farm , But for this family there was no doubt  about what he was talking about.  They DO have a farm ,  like many of you they have been a part of creating a farm who's number one goal is to be a home and a family for those with no home, no family and what would have appeared no hope for their future.   

My own kids thought this was a great idea, so they decided to join in , other family decide that this was a good idea and joined in as well. 

When the opportunity came to get something for the farm, we new exactly what to get .    

This is such an awesome gift.  We will have so many uses for it .. Cleaning the barn and the animal cages, the walk ways, and who knows maybe the kids will start making a little spending money washing cars... 

so from all the kids at the farm .. Happy fathers day to all the wonderful dads out there.   

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