Saturday, June 20, 2015

life on the farm

There is lots of work going on at the farm.  Everyone is working hard, and loving it.!  The Farm is such a great place, there is no doubt that God has his hand on it.  The gardens are being well looked after and are flourishing,

The Goats and Rabbits are also doing great ,   Misha is in charge of them, and is doing a great job ... That is his morning and evening chore , and in the afternoon work project he is working with older Kolya , learning how to do cement work on the back of the house .

Misha's afternoon project is demolition.  He is cleaning up where the old garage was.  He is sifting through, sorting out and stacking the building materials that can be reused . 

 Poor Baikal ( the dog ) is wondering what happened to his house 

Aigula's daughter Aizada has been coming out and working with Olya. She is working this summer at the farm as well .  She helped us plant and weed a lot of the garden while we were waiting for the kids to arrive   They are getting painting done over at Podgorna farm .  This is a picture Emma and Jengish took of her at the tree .. What a beautiful shot. 

Kolya has been working on putting up more fence .  This is at the front , between the front fence, down the side between our house and the neighbours.. This will help maintain good neighbours hahaha.

Talking to Jengish today , it was so encouraging.  He says that everyone is settling in nicely.  The kids are really good kids,  well behaved, hard working, and genuinely happy and thankful to be there.  I know it's not about them being thankful,  I thought that is something that would come in time.  Given all that they have been through its amazing that anyone at the farm is functional.  Together they are becoming a family with a common goal. 

This has been so much work bring it all together, Jengish and Emma hanging on to a vision, Many of you catching on to that vision and coming on board to support it, and the balancing act keeping it on track and meeting the needs as they arise .  It has not been with out trials and tribulations I can assure you, but here we are just eight months in.  Here is an update on the working on a building video from a couple months ago ..  

After a long day , Goosey had Jengish stop the car to take a moment and admire the beautiful sunset . 

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