Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baby food delivered , and more kids arrive through the night

I am always so blessed and encouraged when I am at the baby hospital .  I still remember the situation the first time I was brought there and asked for help.  Things were so desperate.  The Dr's there are so caring and try so hard to look after the kids but had no resources.   and as I shared before they have no budget to feed the abandoned babies, but that did not stop them from caring for them.  In 2009 we started providing top of the line baby formula for any of the abandoned babies that come in, I am sure you have seen the photos over the years.  This is such an amazing thing to see them thrive on the formula, children that would other wise be sickly and suffering,  are getting a good healthy start to life .   And its not just the food , The beds, the cribs, the clothes every thing around them says .." you are loved, and you are special"   We are so thankful you every one who has had a part in this.  As I posted yesterday we have 4 new abandoned babies at the hospital today and we were out of formula.  Donations have come in to meet this need, and our friends in Kyrgyzstan have pulled together some of their own finances to keep the formula flowing until the funds can make it through the banks.   

It was a busy day and night at the farm .,  Emma and |Jengish took the boys and went way off into the mountain to get the new goats .. It makes me smile when I think of the life that these boys are experiencing now compared to where they thought they would have been just a few weeks ago .. God is good .  

They headed out to get 10 mother and 10 baby goats.  These goats are a better milking goat so they are a bit more money so they were only able to get 9 mother and nine babies, but here is the bonus.. the babies were all weened, and the mother goats are all pregnant and the kids are mostly female . so it turns out to be a much better deal.

last night the first mother goat gave birth to a set of twins so we are already ahead 

Emma is in her glory 

The goats are well behaved and friendly so the first attempt at milking went well .  We had bought this milker off of amazon and brought it over with us in the spring .. works great 

                   and just like that they are dairy farmers.. with a heard of 26 goats.

the gardens are continuing to do well,  we will probably start harvesting soon.  Check out these cabbages ... 

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