Friday, June 26, 2015

Nice day .. if you are a duck

Beautiful day .. if you are a duck , or in this case a goose.  It was a wet rainy day today in KG so there was not a lot of work on the farm , the up side is that it gave Goosey some time to stop and smell the flowers .. 

Goosey gets to live off the farm until his wings grow in so that he can right himself when he falls over .... I think he knows this because everything seems to be growing but his wings !

So let me tell you whats going on here in Canada.  

Julie has been training and getting ready for the walk on the Camino .. an 800 km walk from France , over the Pyrenees mountains  and through Spain .. she will be doing this with Asel to raise funds and awareness for women's issues in Kyrgyzstan  read more here. 

We went for a walk to the end of the field to check out where all the wild life has been playing.  Every day we stand on our porch and watch the bears, we have 2, and the dear, I think there about 4 or 5 total , and the wild turkeys... although Julie calls them Hippo's because from a distance they look like huge hippos walking around .. we have about 20 of them some times .  

this is our Canada home in the background 

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