Friday, February 28, 2014

Yesterdays update from Emma ... part 1

Yesterday Emma and Kamalla where celebrating birthdays at on of the orphanages .  We celebrated 5 birthdays this month .  I cant tell you how special this is for the kids that they have some one remember them.  I remember the day we were helping the young boy on the right with his documents.  As we were loking at them we noticed that it was his birthday .. when we pointed this out to him he said " No I don't have a birthday "  you see he had never had anyone even recognise that he had one , he told us that he knew others had them, but those are kids with families , and he does not have one ...

Here is what Emma had to say :

Berhan, Aizada's little brother turned 7 on tuesday, so I bought him a little puzzle, 

story book and a colouring book and gave him markers from chrismas

and some little dinky cars that someone from one of the teams left.

He was sooo happy. He gave me a big hug ran to his room to look at what he got 

and came back and gave me another big hug 

then came back again for another hug after he looked again at his gift. 

I think it was one of his first presents

    As well They were at the Oxford English centre where they were checking up on the students that we sponsor there.  Emma writes :

there is one of Kolya at his English lessons. 

I paid for March and April. 

the rest of the students are still covered because I taught English there.

Aziz, Aizada, Umarbek, Janibek and Vika. 

She said they are all good students and are trying very hard.

Then there is our dear sweet Alina ,  Along with helping her to find good safe employment in Tokmok as a nanny, they were able to get her dental work finished

Alina had a cavity in the middle of her two front teeth.

she got that and two other big cavities fixed

and she has two more small cavities in the back

that i told her we would fix later when we have more money 

because they are smaller and they don't hurt

I'm taking aigula in tomorrow, she has one tooth left to fix. 

she has already had 2 wisdom teeth out and 2 root canals.

At home work club Kamalla and Emma brought the kids more of the hand made text books that they have been working on . Emma writes :

We gave out all the books for Beikut.

The each got a writing book to help with their hand writing 

and we give them a sticker for each page that they finish. 

We also gave everyone in grade 3 and older "rule books" that have all the grammer,

and math rules that they need to learn.  

There were some colouring books and pencil crayons left from the christmas presents, 

so I bought a few more boxes of pencil crayons so that there would be enough for everyone 

and we gave those to them too.

Also I noticed olya was writing with a pencil that was about an inch long, 

so I bought them each a new pencil too. 

They were all very happy and thankful.

Another sop was out to see our young friend Tilik.  He is doing well after the surgery, but still needs eye drops.  Also we need to make an appointment for him to get his new glasses when we find an extra $100 . 

 Then there were a few home visits like this one below.   this family has kids that Emma knows from both Day spring and Bacute .  She and Kamalla continue to visit them regularly to help with school work, and to bring extra food from time to time .  

this day the kids were eager to look at old pictures with them.  Emma regularly does up photo albums with the kids , and this has been great for them ,

Little Anya is holding up her favourite picture here 

Emma was also asking again about money for passports for the kids at Chui orphanage.  they have several kids that are the age that they now need to have in country passports if they are going to be able to outside the walls of the orphanage, as well the boys turning 16 have to have their military documents complete.  in total  23 in country passports 20 military documents  $200 

with regards to these kids , Emma writes : 
larissa said there are some girls at chui that were planning to go to turkey

to work and larissa convinced them to stay in Tokmok 

because she thinks they are going to end up in prostitution.

well we have a bit of time with these girls larissa said we could go and talk

to the graduating kids and especially those girls

, see what they want to do, take some pictures and find help

I will just put that out there .. we are in the middle of a lot of projects that we have been leaning heavily on you our sponsors to help with , but as smaller items like this crop up, we still would like to take care of them.  
at this point we are still about $3400 away from the target for the mens home renovations   we will continue to trust in those finances to come in so that we can continue to support Larisa in the incredible work that she is doing there.   .  

That is actually not the end of Emma's updates , but this post is getting too long, so we will continue this tomorrow ..

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Carrie DeLille said...

is it "our friend" Tilek as well? Surgery? I'm behind. We will buy his glasses-tell me the best way. ALSO, don't forget Tilek has a birthday I believe in April. Would love to help finance a party for the April kids!