Saturday, February 01, 2014

Providing a window to the world around them.

This is a cool story , and one that shows the importance of relationships .   Our young friend Tilek had his surgery a few weeks ago, and as soon as the operation was over , he was talking to Emma and all he was thinking and talking about was his new friends Tolik and Andre.  He was asking when he would be able to see them again .   He said how nice they were and he really enjoyed spending time with them .  
  These two boys have spent time themselves in an orphanage, and could tell you their own stories of heartache and grief, but now in a moment of stress for Tilek, they are what he turns to for comfort .  
  It is so great that through the donations from the pie challenge we were able to take these kids on outings like this, and provide a small window to the world around them .. something that they never would have experienced if it was not for your support .

So its always the way .. as soon as I post some needs and try to focus on just a couple, I receive word of many others .  That was the case here as well .  Today is the first day of the Aigula blanket donor challenge, and this week we are focusing on the homeless.  Then this morning I get an email from Larrisa  .  In the letter , she identifies just over $750 worth of immediate needs .   Its funny , I find my first reaction is that I can't post this because I have just posted so many needs , and I should not overwhelm our friends who are reading this.. But .. this is the reality of what we do .. we are overwhelmed every day , and it is not my job to protect you .. it is my job to let the needs be known , and God can sort it out from there .  so here is the letter ...

 Hallo  John  ,Julie    how are  you  ?  When do you came to Kyrgyzstan ?
John we were at Chuiski orphanage  and  Larisa   has a letter of thanks for you from chuysky orphanage they give   for you latter  and say a lot thanks for your help  for children .
1)           Children asked about you when you came again and give you regards .  Ruby asked me  help to know about  GRADUATING orphans  of chuysky orphanage and to ask children where they plan to study?   I was at the children’s rooms  on the floor very cold because cement  but children without slippers  and they have a cold . Children asked  help  . John could you help for children Chui orphanage . We finde  good slippers . it is good quality . they can use long time and not tear and warm. they had slippers but they quickly tore.  Now at the Chui orphanage  40 girls , 70 boys.    110 children  *  180 som(slipper ) =  19800 som 
2)             the social worker  of Chuysky orphanage  ask  could  you help with  finance  they want    make passports for  23 orphans  and  they asked finance to make documents for the military account for 20 orphans boys .total sum 10000 som.
         3)graduates children didnt see bubbles show when we came   and they too would like to  see at such show.

3)       John  could you help for Zamir and  Murat .  (disabled  men from the Mens home )
Zamir  fill bed himself  two month  .  We were at the hospital one  week  ago  . He  have seriously  problems  with kidney and a liver. He need treatment   .
Murat  he   on the wheelchair .  one month he fill bad . he can’t eat . we  want  came to the doctor  take analysis  and  after  buy  medicine  and other . We need  treat him too .
John if you could  help   they need 5000 som   . 

Let Lord bless you  .    Thank you 
To cover these needs  will be approx $750 .. I don't really know what to do about that , Maybe you do !

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