Friday, February 21, 2014

New look - Same calling

 As you can see we have been doing a little bit of a face lift here on the blog.. Just felt it was time for a change.  This new header shows our family in Tokmok in the centre, as well on either side of this family photo, I have two pictures that in a nut shell depict what we do .   It is easy in life , especially doing what we do to get all caught up in the religion so to speak, but really the only religion that is pleasing to the Father is just this .. "To visit the widows and the orphans in their time of need."    I look at the blog every day as I am doing posts, updating totals etc. and as much as it is for you, it is for me .. it is  there to remind me .. family.. orphans.. and widdows .. It may be a new look, but it is still the same calling .

As we travel around and share the work that we do, and encourage and bring updates to our sponsors, I often see people look confused or fog over when I give the address for the blog.. they get lost at the  , that blogspot is where we loose them.  So I thought it was time that we looked into our own .com... and since is available, I decided to begin the process of acquiring it.. here is where the talks broke down...
So seeing the part about "please call me if you would like to discuss" I did not wish to discuss his rationale as there was clearly none.  So he called me. Now I did not want to be rude, but it just slipped out as I burst into some what uncontrollable giggles as tried to begin his explanation.. finaly I cut him off and explained that I just purchased for a woping $9.47  
We have kept the so if we are in your saved locations, you can still access us, but it should make it easier for new sponsors to find us, as well it does not look so wordy on printed material.

Lots of face lifts in Tokmok today as well .  Threw Anya, we support a community dance group.  Kids are able to come and learn many different styles of dance.  They are really good, and have been in many competitions and celebrations , including the Christmas parties at the orphanages with us  over Christmas .  Our sponsors have helped them with purchasing material to make the different dresses, and today , they are getting the room they practice in turned into a real dance studio .  New mirrors on the wall, as well as a small portable sound system.  What a blessing this is for them, and more then that, a blessing for us to come along side them and help in such a practical way.   These kids now will have all the opportunities of   those kids that are privileged enough to study in the private dance studios.  They know that they are worth it as well...   well done Anya ..
 such a blessing to be able to work along side such awesome people like you and Sergey . 

Volunteers putting up the mirrors  

So one more time , I want to bring up the food issue.  There as so many that are in need right now .  We are looking to raise another $2000 tonight .. tomorrow is a new need and a new challenge, but right now we have a great burdon.. our target plan  of $3000 will bring much needs nutritional support to over $750 children, seniors, and those who are what you might consider "the least of these".  that is only $4 a person.  we are not looking to bring them anything extravagant right now ...we just want to help ease the hardship .. and you can too .. please donate now.  

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