Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mens home ...Week three Blanket Challenge

At the mens home in Iskra , we have done so much work there over the years .. right up to a couple months ago when we replaced a majority of the heating system for them.  One of the big projects that we have been working on is the floor in he main dinning room .  We desperately need to put a floor down.  the old one is all uneven open concrete.. it is dirty and unsafe.  We were ready to do the floor, but the roof was leaking , it had no heat , the windows were bad and the electrical needed replacing .  It was decided it would be best to tackle those projects first so that we would not damage the new floor , especially if we had to dig some up for pipes or wiring .. well we are now ready for the floor .. but we just don't have the funds needed .. we have $3000 for his, but the project is going to cost $5000 so we still need to raise the rest before we begin we are now going into the second year waiting for this. We so desperately would like to see this next step. It would mean so much to Larisa and the men.   Some projects just have so much more importance then what we see on the surface, and I see this as one of those projects.
    There are some other needs at the home as well that we would like to tackle.  the chairs are in bad shape, most of them are just frames with no seats or just a board for a seat .  we would like to recondition these .. Vlady has worked out a plan for this .  The table tops are made of press board and have stared to fall apart after the years ,., again Vlady has a plan for this..   As well we need to get some sort of an air ex-changer or de humidifier in the dinning room as we are continually battling mold here ..  Total project   $4500  

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