Sunday, February 02, 2014

Reality that's REAL

 We have all seen them .. the reality shows where someone is surprised with a home make over or their "Ride Pimped " ..  Usually a middle classed person living a life style that 90% of the world would envy , but someone that we might be able to relate to .. that makes it more exciting for us right? 
 The last few months West Jet circulated a video that went viral .. you probably know the one .. Passengers traveling across the country on Christmas day were greeted apron arrival with there "Christmas wish" coming off the luggage belt .    OK it was fun .. it was a little entertaining , and a neat publicity stunt.. but really ...  
Maybe these shows serve to bring us all a little hope that something like this could happen to us .. We flew out from Toronto to Moscow on Christmas day , and in the back of my head I was thinking .. "Oh Boy .. maybe Aeroflot will do the same thing ." ...NOT  .. ( joke for the day )  
This "HOPE" is something that the vast majority of the world would never have or experience .  But this Christmas for some , they learned and experienced it .  
Here are some excerpts from one of our friends helping with the Christmas pie challenge in Kyrgyzstan . 

Hi John!

We had a beautiful Christmas at BellA.

This year 68 kids were asked what they wanted from Santa and they got want they 
This was inspired from the fb clip that went around for West Jet at Christmas.

The kids never have been asked what they wanted.
The requests were dolls to air bows to movies and trucks to a suite with a bow 

The kids were in awe that their requests were made known and heard.
There was one teen who just started crying. 

It was so beautiful.
We were able to reach out  to 128 kids and 40 plus nannies with the Christmas 

We had the kids throw pies in our face.

Thank you, Pie in the Face for making the wonder of Christmas come alive for 
these beautiful children this year!


Live loved!

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