Thursday, February 20, 2014


I don't know if you have been following the progress of our young friend Tilik .  
  Tilik is such a great kid... he is one of those kids that every time I am around him, he opens my eyes to the wonders around me .. Being with him, you see everything like it was the first time .  
Tilik has a dream. He wanted to get new glasses to help correct his eyesight . 
Tilik and Emma dreaming 
Just before Christmas, his dream was one of the many that were filled by the a womans Galla event in our home town of Norwood, and Tilik got his glasses. 

Although the glasses helped a little, as you can see in the photo below,  there was still a long way to go, and surgery was needed .  One of the sponsors following the pie challenge, heard about this operation need and covered that , and while we were there in Jan he had his surgery  

out for dinner and bowling with his friends at Christmas 
The outcome from that surgery was amazing.. His eyes are almost strait .  We still need to get new lenses for his glasses, but that will come as soon as the funds are in place. 

three weeks post surgery 
Just as a little sag-way,  Tiliks orphanage is one of the ones that we would like to bring some extra food as part of the food drive challenge that we are working on this week .  We have just about $1000 raised so far, and are looking for another $2000.  Remember the top sponsor of the week will receive an Aigulla blanket.

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