Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Helping the homeless... caution these videos are disturbing

 This week we are focusing on the plight of the homeless and the at risk kids living on the streets. 
As mentioned earlier, the largest donation of the week will receive one of Aigoola's famous blankets. 

We have started this weeks challenge with  the homeless.. because it is WINTER .. it is COLD .. -20 right now , and many simply will not make it if we do not act now.  

It is a terrible feeling to walk among those in need and not have the resources to make a difference.  
There are some shelters , but they are very few and far between, and really are not safe or inviting 

Men and women of all ages are in need , and Jenish is working hard at finding ways to help them .  But he needs your help .  We need to act now to make sure that everything that can be done is done ..   Below is part one of a documentary on the homeless that was done last year ..   There was a team of Journalism students that came and followed Jenish around for a couple weeks .. What they found was disturbing ..  If you ever wonder how Jenish can be such a fun loving guy.. maybe its simply a defense mechanism     ( Caution these videos are disturbing, please do not watch with your kids in the room )
Part 1   

Part 2 

After watching this, please donate now. this need is critical.  

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