Saturday, February 08, 2014


We had a tie for top donor last week , What a blessing .. in fact we were $400 over target for the week , meaning we will be able to bump up the feeding program a little, and we have the funds to cover the new girl that we just took in .    So J.U and L.R.  your blankets are on the way .

This weeks challenge is "HEALTH CONCERNS"  
once again, the top donor for the week will receive 
an Aigulla blanket 

How many of you remember this post Maybe it's not so bad  from way back in 2007 .  Well in some ways we have come so far, and in many ways , things have not changed much .    On a regular basis we come across people and kids that just can not function any longer because of tooth pain.   We have been dealing with this on a small scale now for years, and as soon as we start to get ahead, new situations arise .  Many simply live with the pain.. As I meet so  many suffering quietly, I have to wonder how many more are in pain .. and how many of the daily conflicts that we might encounter are fueled by pain.   Just a few hours ago, Emma returned from the dentist with Aigulla .. the lady that has made the blankets for these challenges.  Today she had a wisdom tooth removed and a rout canal ..   She like so many have lived quietly in pain for a long time .  
I just hate to think of people suffering , and in pain for the sake of finances.  So as the needs arrive we have been sending people to the Dentist to have the "PAIN" taken care of , and an estimate to fix the rest of the teeth.  Currently we have about a dozen students and kids that we are providing dental care for.   Although they are still available, we stay away from the back room dentists, and bring those we are helping to our own dentists .. ones that we use ourselves and trust.    The average cost of a filling is about $20, an extraction is $25   and a rout canal is $75..., but even at these rates, we still find ourselves with  about $2000 just to finish the dental work we have started.   
Emma and Aigulla at the dentist today 

Un fortunately , dental work is not the only place that we are falling behind.  We have an emergency fund for medical needs , but it is empty ..

Tiliks operation has gone over estimates with post op care, there was an emergency " female " operation needed for one of our girls... , Acelbeck has had difficulty with his operation, and has needed more funds .. and the list goes on .. 
Many times these needs do not give us time to report and respond through the blog..    We are looking to have a $500 buffer .  

So in total we are hoping to raise $2500 for "HEALTH CONCERNS"   

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