Sunday, February 09, 2014

What they do have they freely give .

So what was it you wanted for your 22nd Birthday .. Not many of us dreamed of something like this . 

Bekah contacted me a few days ago to tell me that one of her friends was having a birthday, and for his birthday, he wanted all his friends to join him and go out to the seniors home and bless them.  He has traveled with us a lot , helping as a translator, and one thing that he did pick up on is that it is not about a gift, but about a giver .. He recognized that the greatest commodity we can give is our time .  So we sponsored Isar to bring them all out to the seniors home. 

They had a nice visit , and were able to spend valuable time with them 
Aza, the young man with the guitar celebrated a wonderful birthday , one that he will not forget .. 
And our seniors were blessed with the time that was spent with them . 
What a great thing when we can recognize at such a young age all that we have to offer may not be Gold and Silver , but what we do have we can freely give ... Thank you kids for being a blessing .

Speaking of blessings , We are on day 2 of this weeks blanket challenge.. medical needs , and already we are well over half way to the target .( check out the thermometer to the right )   In fact, today Bekah had three kids to the dentist to continue treatments ...  Thank you everyone who has been making all this possible .

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