Thursday, February 13, 2014

Those with out a voice .

I will never forget the first time we went out with Larisa to visit the families that she supports.. after the first home we went to , we were ready to go back to our apartment , lock the door and turn off our phones .. it felt like it was more then we could bare  , but instead we pushed through .. I saw more in that first day then I had ever experienced before .. 
The worst part of the day had to have been when we went to the home of a mother with a baby with Hydrocephalus  the baby was in terrible shape , I had never seen anything like this before , nor did I even know what this was .. then the mother handed me her baby and said
 " Please take my baby .. I want you to have her .. because if she is your baby she will get the help that she needs "  
unfortunately , she was right , and since that time , it is a sentiment we have heard over and over . 

No one likes to ask for help... I just feel sick inside every time I have to ask for help for the needs that we face .. But when I do feel this way I think of this mother , and try to remember it is for people like her that we ask .. A voice for people with no voice... 
   A few months ago we were speaking somewhere , and after the service we were talking with a small group of people , in that group was Cal Bombay .. probably one of the most seasoned, well respected people I know doing what we do .. some one in the group turned to him and asked " What is the worst thing that you have experienced "... now bearing in mind that he has worked in the Sudan for decades , I was expecting some terrible stories of pain and hard ship ... and I was not disappointed .. he said.  "The worst thing I have experienced is that I have had to spend my life begging for money!"  
Waves of emotion came over me .. I know the feeling ,... why is a man of his position still begging ... is this what its all about ... I thought that at some point this side of the work would end , but here he is after all he has seen and done , and he is still facing it .. but then I remembered the feeling of hopelessness trying to do it alone, and I realised again that I am not asking for me but for those with out a voice... 

Please help us help them!

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